Purebred Since 1935

Located Near White,

South Dakota

Angus Producers: Use our bulls for hybrid vigor.

Take a look at this video and see how Black Baldies can give you greater

docility, fertility, longevity, daily gain, etc.


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All our calves descend from purebred dams and sires

Consistently producing outstanding replacement heifers and bulls

Sold at private treaty



EF Beef BR Validated B413

R&R Prime Cut 6378 ET

SPH 421 Rock Solid SU

Bar JZ Lombardi 502S

R Endurance 4424

SRL Sterling Lad 6K

Doonbiddie Hustler

MC Ranger 9615

Dynasty & Devoe (on heifers)

Margfred Park Dynasty K58

Felton 488

Lot 6403

DOB:  5/1/2021

BW:  99

AWW:  593

AYW:  976

Scrotum:  41

Sire:  W2

Lot G726

DOB:  4/29/2021

BW:  99

AWW:  668

AYW:  980

Scrotum:  40

Sire:  Validated